Our funds open to you

Our fund managers allocate donations to those they believe will have the biggest impact within their fund’s scope. Once you have determined which fund suits your work best, apply to it directly.

Global Development Fund

Funding to outstanding, evidence-based opportunities to provide better access to healthcare and economic development where it's needed most.

Usually supports: Established organizations

Decides using: Scientific evidence and fund managers’ judgment

Animal Welfare Fund

Funding to organizations and projects that will help alleviate the suffering of millions or billions of animals.

Usually supports: Early-stage and established organizations

Decides using: Organizational track record and fund managers’ judgment

Long-Term Future Fund

Funding to people or projects that aim to improve the long-term future, such as by reducing risks from artificial intelligence and engineered pandemics.

Usually supports: Individuals and organizations (includes speculative opportunities)

Decides using: Fund managers’ judgment

EA Infrastructure Fund

Funding to organizations or people that aim to grow or improve the effective altruism community.

Usually supports: Organizations and early-stage projects (includes speculative opportunities)

Decides using: Fund managers’ judgment